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    How do our customers feel about GripZ?

    Gordon Conroy, Indi Rock

    "From our first meeting at a climbing conference, Gaz has been so helpful. Introduced us to lots of contacts, suppliers, routesetters and really got us started on our journey. He helped create an initial holds order, with some real gems and competitive prices. Since then we have been updated on new products and Gaz has been as a setter a few times. On the other end Kate has always kept us updated on orders and ensured prompt delivery even as we went through Brexit. Having found them both always available for a call and to offer advice we would highly recommend GripZ."graph text here.

    Tom Lloyd, Rock Over Climbing

    "There are so many importers of holds out there now it's often hard to decide who to use, but GripZ makes the choice easy. Kate has provided the best customer service from anyone we've purchased holds from, ever. Orders are processed quickly and smoothly, and response times are almost instant. The selection of brands on offer is amazing too, we're especially loving the new shapes from Rubber and Unleashed. I'd recommend GripZ to absolutely anyone, from home walls to huge national centres."

    James Gomez, Boulder Brighton

    "We've been working with Gaz and Kate since we launched our centre in 2013. Ordering holds through them has been smooth and straightforward - we've always had fantastic customer service with fast response times and any issues dealt with promptly. We've also worked with Gaz to experiment with new products for the climbing shop from time to time and he's always been up for a chat and a challenge. Gripz have got a great range of brands on offer and we've particularly been loving our Morpho and Ibex holds recently. Can highly recommend using Gripz."

    Brenda Sanderson, The Reach Climbing Wall

    "Gripz have been supplying the Reach Climbing Wall with climbing holds since their inception. They distribute a wide range of holds, frequently added to. We get regular updates and general advice about new products from Gaz, Kate behind the scenes is proactive and efficient with invoicing and delivery timings. I highly recommend Gripz as a company to do business with."