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    "Recommended to you by Gaz"

    PU holds & fiberglass macros 

    PE holds & fiberglass macros 

    Wooden holds & fibreglass macros 

    Wooden volumes, climbing walls & climbing wall matting

    Fibreglass macros & wooden volumes 

    PU & PE holds, & wooden volumes (BG)

    PU holds & fiberglass macros (BG)

    PU holds & fibreglass macros (BG)

    PU holds (BG)

    PU & PE holds, & fibreglass macros (BG)

    Wooden volumes 

    PU holds & training boards 

    PU & PE holds, fibreglass macros, & wooden volumes (BG)

    Wooden volumes (BG)

    PU holds, fibreglass volumes & wooden volumes

    Wooden volumes inc. 'Design your own'

    Dual texture PU holds, fibreglass macros & plywood volumes

    2023 PU & macros order form (Coming Soon!) / Latest volumes order form (20/12/22)

    PU & PE holds, & fibreglass macros

    Fibreglass macros (LV)

    PE holds (LV)

    PU & PE holds, & fibreglass macros

    Plywood volumes (BG)

    Chalk and accessories branded with your own design

    Email for latest trade order form

    PU & PE holds, fibreglass macros & plywood volumes 

    PU & PE holds, fibreglass macros & plywood volumes

    PU & PE holds, fibreglass macros & plywood volumes

    * All brands marked BG or LV can be combined as one shipment

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  • The team

    Gaz Parry

    Pro climber, route-setter, commentator & coach

    Gaz has been on the UK and worldwide climbing scene for over 3 decades. First of all he was a trad climber, opening many new routes in the UK. He then concentrated on bouldering and climbed up to V13 (8b) while being on the British Bouldering Team and winning the Arco Rockmaster invitation only event in 2007. Now Gaz concentrates on sport climbing, climbing up to 8c+ in Spain and many 8c’s around the world.

    Katherine Mills

    Admin and belayer

    Kate started climbing at school but always preferred indoor climbing (bouldering) to climbing outside. In her early 20’s she competed in many world cups as a member of the British Bouldering Team. After that Kate and Gaz went to live in Spain but Kate never developed a love of sport climbing. Kate no longer climbs, having now gone back to her childhood love of horses. For the last few years she has focussed on endurance riding, having completed upto 160km at international level. During Covid in 2020 she took up carriage driving with two of her endurance horses and is now completely obsessed with yet another new sport.  

    The Podencos

    Unhelpful assistants

    Kate and Gaz live with a menagerie of 6 horses, 7 podencos and 2 cats. Unfortunately all of them are attention seekers and none of them are at all helpful. They are extremely entertaining though, the office is never boring and the office window looks out directly onto the horses :-)


    Podencos make great crag dogs and many are desperately looking for homes. If you are interested in knowing more about the breed and maybe adopting one please ask us. We know many Spanish rescue charities and our dream is to help as many pods as possible to find their forever sofa.

  • Enquires and advice (Gaz) - gripzinfo@gmail.com

    Orders (Kate) - Kate.gripz@gmail.com

    GripZ Limited - 61 Bridge Street, Kington, Herefordshire, HR5 3DJ

    Company registration: 12414411 VAT: GB 341 065 826