Free shipping

    Free shipping, including export and import charges on all orders over £250.


    Shipping costs are normally disproportionately high for small orders, especially those involving macros or volumes. With free shipping you can now place smaller orders for those extra sets you need without having to wait and combine it with a larger order to justify the shipping cost. Or maybe you have a small wall and are constantly feeling like all your budget is being eaten up by high shipping costs. Or how about being able to place a small order to try out one of our newer brands without having to spend a ton on shipping.

    Standard discounts

    £2500* - 5%

    £5000* - 7.5%

    £10,000* - 10%

    £15,000* - 12.5%

    £25,000* - 15%


    We have now decided to introduced a discount structure depending on how much you spend. We have avoided this in the past because we wanted to be fair to everyone but its meant that buyers have avoided some of our smaller brands that we couldn't offer any discount on. Now it doesn't matter which brand you buy, you will get a bigger discount if you spend more. Smaller orders will still benefit with the free shipping offer.

    * Per brand (some brand totals can be combined depending on production - please enquire)

    New Wall Discount

    5% extra discount for new walls and extensions.


    No matter how big or small your project the additional discount will apply. New projects are exciting and we are pysched to see our brands in new walls.

    Youth group and school wall discount

    10% extra discount on all of our brands to youth group and school walls - upto a maximum of 20%.


    Kate started climbing on a vertical plywood wall in the corner of her school sports hall. The more kids who start climbing the more future customers commercial walls will have so its a win win for everyone. If you know a local youth group or school without a wall or in need of an upgrade feel free to put them in touch with us... we would love to help with these kinds of projects.